2018 Western Cape XC League

1'st October 2017 – 31'st March 2018

The WCXC league aims to promote active cross country flying for all level of pilots from different sites around the Western Cape during our summer XC months.

  • The League is handicapped to even the playing fields between all levels of pilots and through all glider classes.
  • Fly as far as possible from as many different sites throughout the summer, upload your flights onto the XCContest platform via LiveTrack24 and see how your flights stack up against your buddies and seasoned pilots.
  • The pilot with the six best flights incorporating flights from a minimum of three different TO sites wins the leauge.
  • Bonus points awarded for personal bests, site records, provincial records and active club involvement.

This years XC League has been kindly sponsored by Toms Instructional Tandems